Nathan Lee Xuereb 1st in Juniors and 5th in Seniors in Italy

Saturday, February 18, 2012, 19:00

Junior Double Trap Maltese shooter, Nathan Lee Xuereb today took part in The Italian Shooting Championships today at Valle Aniene in Italy. These were organized by The Italian Shooting Federation FITAV.

Although the climate conditions were very low tempreture, Nathan had a very good performance, especially in his first rourd where he managed 47/50. He managed 43/50 in his second round and 44/50 in his third round, for a total score of 134/150. Nathan placed first amoung all Junior Double Trap shooters and 5th amoung overall Seniors. His coach Jimmy Bugeja that is assisting Nathan in Italy said that his performance was very encouraging for his future, considering Nathan’s age.


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