MYFA: Under 15 Group 4 – Deserved win for Zabbar

Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 13:30

Zabbar St P 3  Fgura 1


The Yellow/Blacks were the better side in this Cottonera derby by creating much more chances than Fgura.


In the first action by Zabbar Norbert Kawka released Nicholas Grech on the left flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross.


In the 6th minute Zabbar forged ahead as Dayton Grech served Nicholas Grech with a through ball in the area and as he was tripped Dayton Grech made no mistake from the resultant penalty who scored with a hard grounder past Fgura keeper Glen Camilleri.


The pressing by Zabbar resumed as they mounted two more actions. Dayton Grech pounced on a faulty clearance and Camilleri saved his effort from outside the area with a diving save to a corner and Nicholas Grech served Ryan Tabone with a through ball in the area but he drove over the bar.


In the 17th minute the score became 2-0 when Francesco Gambin released Tabone on the left flank who then crossed the ball in the area and Andy Grech netted with a header.


Three actions were then mounted by Fgura. Nathaniel Bugeja served George Attard with a through ball and Zabbar keeper Dejan Agius saved his shot from outside the area. After a run down the right flank by Matthias vella he crossed the ball in the area and Dwayne Mifsud headed out from a very ideal position and from a flag KICK BY Luke camilleri the ball was partly cleared and Agius saved the rebound shot by Bugeja.


Zabbar then created the last action before the break when Tabone was fouled outside the area and Gambin drove well over the bar from the free kick.


Four minutes after the restart Zabbar scored a third goal as substitute Fabrizio Testa released Andy Grech in the area and he scored with a hard low drive.


Fgura kept trying and mounted two actions. After a well-taken free kick by Camilleri, Agius saved a header by Mifsud and the same player, minutes later, entered the area after beating a defender, and after Agius partly saved his shot he also saved the rebound shot by Camilleri.


Zabbar then won a free kick as substitute Russell Hili was fouled outside the area and as Gambin served Andy Grech with a short pass Camilleri saved his hard rising shot, and moments later Testa missed the upright from outside the area after dribbling past an opponent.


In the 63rd minute Fgura reduced the gap. Mifsud was fouled outside the area and after Bugeja floated a high ball in the area, Camilleri headed the ball towards Mifsud who netted with a hard drive from inside the area.


Zabbar created the last action before the end as Kawka was fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared away from the free kick by Lee Falzon.


Zabbar St P: D.Agius, J.Dalli, L.Falzon , D.Grech , N.Kawka, R.Tabone, R.Buttigieg, D,Cassar, F.Gambin, N.Grech, A.Grech,


Fgura : G.Camilleri, J.Vella, L.Camilleri, N.Bugeja, R.Rizzo, M.Vella, G.Carabott, M.Azzopardi, A.Desira, D.Mifsud, G.Attard


Referee: Chris Azzopardi

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