MUT concerned about contracts that the Directorate for Educational Services is signing

Friday, April 13, 2012, 16:44

In a statement the MUT said that it is highly concerned about contracts that the Directorate for Educational Services is signing with Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport, in which school grounds are being leased for a number of years to KMS.

While the MUT is in favour of promotion of sport and the involvement of the community in schools, it cannot condone situations whereby heads of schools are bypassed and ignored and the needs of the students and the schools are not even listened to.

Moreover the Union cannot understand how the KMS is then being allowed to lease these school grounds to third parties, namely football clubs most of which already own their own premises, resulting in a situation whereby all pitches are being converted to football pitches, with hardly any consideration for other sport disciplines. Added to this advertising space is out of the school’s hands, thus potentially opening the door for advertising which is harmful to students. Moreover schools, some of which are in need of major refurbishment, will not be benefiting from any funds from these agreements.

Moreover the KMS is hardly in a position to monitor the school grounds it will be leasing as it has a chronic lack of human resources, as stated by the Commissioner for Children in 2010.

In this regard the MUT is writing to the Minister Dolores Cristina to explain its concerns about these

contracts, and demand further involvement of Heads of Schools and an urgent revision of contracts where schools might be experiencing problems. The Union is making it clear that school administrators will not be held responsible for and damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of use of public property by third parties.

The MUT believes that it is the Government’s duty to ensure that students’ and schools’ interests are given top priority.


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