MSSF Malta Rifle and Pistol Club shooters in Sicily

Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 15:00

A team of 5 shooters and a range officer from the MSSF MRPSC last Sunday continued their shooting program in the 6th Sicilian championship, They took part in Cat A Ex-Ordinanza Rifle, and Cat C Sport Rifle. Sixteen shooters took part in Cat A, Seventeen in Cat B and twenty two  in Cat C. Maurice Caruana was the first shooter  to start in Cat C, and he managed a 92+2, 3 points less then the winner Mario Zago from Vittoria that he managed 95+3.

Herbert Sammut took part in Cat A with a new Mauser K98 to score 75 points and placed 10th. Patrick Azzopardi started with a two perfect shots in a one hole of 10/10 and a 10/10 +2 Mouch. He kept shooting very well until his last 2 shots where he was leading Cat C. He managed two sevens in the last shots that placed him 7th  in Cat C and 4th overall in the Championship, Patrick also won the most Mouch hits in this event. Tony Fenech RCO and Joe Farrugia assisted the Maltese shooters.

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