MSSF at the IDPA European Championships

Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 8:00

Thanks to the Armed Forces of Malta, three local target shooters have begun training for the IDPA European Championship to be held in Brescia, Italy in October of this year where 180 shooters will be taking part from Slovania, Italy, Russia and Malta.

Their gratitude goes to the Commander of the AFM who like his predecessors has been continued in their tradition of supporting local target shooters. We all know that the AFM has been instrumental in launching target shooting in Malta and time and again has proven its continued support by very generously allowing shooters to make use of their facilities for many years now.

The sport of target shooting is getting ever so popular in Malta and Gozo that it has become apparent that the AFM Safi range can no longer cater for such an increased demand. In this context private ranges are urgently required. Once private ranges are functional, the next logical step is to set up the right conditions for what could become another important economic contributor for the Maltese Islands, a new niche for the tourism industry, as undoubtedly this would see the influx of hundreds of target shooters with their families from the continent.

IDPA is a fast growing dynamic target shooting discipline that above all teaches shooters to be safe. Safety is paramount. A good IDPA shooter is a safe shooter. Competitions are generally shot utilising pistols and revolvers but now IDPA have sanctioned and published new rules for Tri-Gun competitions as well. These utilise three types of firearms; handguns, shotguns and rifles/carbines.

This year the shooters are; Patrick Azzopardi – President of the Pistol & Rifle Club MSSF, Mark Cassar and John Cassar both members of the MSSF. John Cassar being also the IPDA and Safety officer Instructor for the Maltese Islands. MSSF would also like to thank the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth and Sports for their support.

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