Msida St.Joseph AGM Alan A.W. VicePresident

Monday, June 24, 2013, 11:14
Msida St. Joseph FC held their Annual General Meeting today and discussed the plans for future together with their members. During the Annual General Meeting the following committee was elected:
President – Mr. Joseph Demarco
Vice-President & 3rd Delegate – Mr. Alan Abela-Wadge
Vice-President – Mr. Anthony Mifsud
Hon. General Secretary & 2nd Delegate – Mr. Keith Abela-Wadge
Hon. Treasurer – Mr. Gerhardt Camilleri
MFA Council Member – Mr. Robert Farrugia
1st Delegate – Mr. Jesmond Abela
Assistant Secretary – Mr. Steve Farrugia
Assistant Treasurer - Mr. Richard Galea
Team Manager – Mr. Stephen Lovegrove
Kit Manager – Mr. Ian Micallef
Committee Members – Mr. Donald Gatt & Mr. Alfred Debono

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