MRFU finally made it

Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 11:57

The Malta Rugby Community is delighted to win the Sports Award for contribution to Sports Tourism.

For several years now the MRFU and all the clubs have identified the importance of winning an increasing number of visiting teams to visit and play in Malta, because each squad comes in high numbers of players, officials and supporters, and rugby clubs are good spenders. In this the MRFU has enjoyed a sympathetic approach from the MTA and all the political parties. Last year’s Annual Congress of the European Rugby Federation held in Malta was widely acclaimed as the best ever, and created enormous goodwill.

Congratulations too, for the Birkirkara Mayor, Mike Fenech-Adami and his Council for winning the award for contribution to sport, through their visionary tie up with Alligators RFC and the opening of the sports ground in the heart of the town.

A visit to Marsa on Sunday morning revealed a fine vision of enthusiasm as the juniors and youths assembled for their training and/or competitive matches. It is marvellous to see the dynamic energy, the enthusiasm of coaches and players, and the number of dedicated parents who come down. Many of the juniors are already showing skills in kicking and catching which put some of the senior players to shame, and it all bodes well for the future of this tough sport. These young ones are the future and are learning the skills, and the ethics of a game in which fair play and sportsmanship are so important.

In the afternoon, Valletta Lions also staged a Kids Rugby Fest at Pieta for 22 children, where enjoyment and fun were paramount, with basic ball skills, face painting and other fun games, sponsored by Flash TV. Several senior players met the participants and their parents.

It’s good to be part of something which is so suited to the Maltese physiology, at which they rank so high for such a tiny nation, and which contributes so positively.



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