Mr Gargano new technical director at Phoenix S Club

Friday, February 22, 2013, 11:28

Phoenix Sports Club have recently appointed Mr. Gaetano Gargano, as their new technical director responsible for the sports of Volleyball within the Club. Mr. Gargano has years of experience as a player in Serie A and B of the Italian League and has more recently served as a coach  in Serie B in Italy. Mr. Gargano brings to Phoenix and to Malta, years of experience in Volleyball and will surely be an asset to the club and local volleyball scene. Mr. Gargano’s main responsibilities will be to assist the club’s coaches in the development of their players and also in the recruitment of new players with the club. Mr. Gargano’s will especially be involved in the development of our youth section and future players. On behalf of the Phoenix committee and players we would like to welcome Mr. Gargano to the club and we augur for a long-lasting collaboration and a pleasant stay in our islands. In the meantime Phoenix SC has issued a call for former Volleyball players to join our teams and return to the game they love. For more information you can contact Phoenix Sports Club on ‘


  1. Dear Vball,

    Just a clarification that this was not done in competition with MVA. Its just our policy to have a technical director in all our sports.  Thanks for your kind comments.


  2. vball says:

    Impressive!!! Well done! Not even MVA has a Technical Director


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