Motorsports News from Silverstone and Hockenheim

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 10:00

In Silverstone circuit couple Rodren Vella and Bernard Galea once again win their class in the 750 Motor Club Sports Competition.

In Germany, at the track of Hockenhiem, currently ongoing another round of the European Drag Racing Championship and after three rounds of qualifying Maltese Top Fuel Dragsters, Driver Duncan Micallef is in the fifth place, and Franklyn Borg who is driving a Hyabusa motorcycle tuned by Simon Giordmaina. The best time for Duncan in this round so far is of 4.274 seconds and a maximum speed of 369.17 miles per hour. The best time for Franklyn is 7.063 seconds and top speed of 330.53. Tomorrow, after today’s qualifyings there will be the eliminations and the finals. Both Duncan and Franklyn are at the top of their respective classes with a good chance of winning their classes in this competition.

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