Motorsport: Farrugia registers his first Autocross win this season

Sunday, March 1, 2015, 8:19

On Sunday 22nd February 2015, ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ continued the 8th event of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Autocross Championship for 2014-15. Although it a day where the weather threatened all present with rain showers the Autocross section organized the eight race of the season. But racing from the Motocross section who also had to take part, their racing program was canceled early in the morning due to the difficult conditions of the over-wet track and for the reason of safety of the riders. The Motocross race was postponed to another date.


Meanwhile, Autocross race started at noon where 25 cars registering for this event. During the three Heats of the day we saw Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo and Noel Vella on his Ford Escort Mk1 win the highest score of the day thus found their place in the Final A race which counts for points. Matthew Borg and Andrew Pisani both on Vauxhall Nova, Vince Farrugia on a Volkswagen Polo and Malcolm Borg on his Opel Corsa also qualified for the Final A Race.


Right from the Start of this final we saw Farrugia taking the helm of the race as all came to the first corner on track and he went on to defend this position to the end. He was followed by Borg and Galea. Exactly during the first half of the race matters began to change and there was a time where Borg brothers together began to pursue Farrugia while Pisani and Galea followed. The race continued but Matthiew (one of the Borg brothers) developed a mechanical damage while in 3rd place and was forced to withdraw from the race. Soon afterwards Pisani also withdrew due to a mechanical failure before the finish. Now It was easier for Vella and Galea to advanced a post or two. The final race ended with Farrugia winning his first win this season. Malcolm Borg and Galea finished in 2nd and 3rdplaces respectively. Vella finished in fourth place ahead of Pisani and Matthew Borg.


Class B Finalists were Melo Zammit on an Opel Corsa, Godfrey Gauci on a Ford Fiesta, Martin Godwin on an Opel Corsa, Lucas Pace on a Honda Civic, Philip Grima on Ford Escort and Jason Martin on his Volkswagen Polo. Soon after the start there was a small incident between Martin and Pace where Pace finished with the car turned on its side. The referee stopped the race as a safety measure but the race was re-run a few minutes later by all drivers back on the start line.


In this re-start saw Godwin Martin and Gauci battling for the lead but Martin took the helm of the race. As racing progressed Martin defended his position to the finish line ahead of Zammit and Gauci. The race continued with Grima in 4th place while Pace and Jason Martin followed. After five laps Zammit made unsporty deed on Gauci by hitting the driver’s door and Zammit was Warned for this by the referee of the day.
Soon after other similar action took place but this time by Jason Martin on Zammit and now Martin was also Warned by the referee of the day.


This final B race had to stop after completion of the sixth Lap where this time it was Grima who finished overturned on the side of his Escort. This took place following a contact with the car of Pace who had lost control of his car due to the slippery condition of the track. The race ended with Godwin Martin winning his 3rd Class B race and he was followed by Jason Martin and Gauci. Fourth and fifth place respectively was won by Zammit and Pace.

In the Standard Class we saw Dean Farrugia on his Citroen AX win this class. He was always followed by Joseph Vella from Gozo on his Ford Fiesta.


Meanwhile the next ASMK Autocross Activities for Sunday 1st  March 2015 are postponed due to the bad track conditions following the last bad weather conditions of the Offroad Dirt track. As this stormy weather still persists it does not allow enough time to perform and effect the maintenance required of the race track for the next race.

Meanwhile, the activities of ASMK will continue next Sunday 8thMarch 2015 when the fourth Enduro Race for motorcycles will take place at the Qrendi quarry. The program starts at 10: 00am.

For more information one can visit the ASMK Official

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