Motorsport: Duncan Micallef, Simon Giordmaina and Franklyn Borg will represent Malta at the Santa Pod Raceway

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 12:00

Top Fuel Dragster driver Duncan Micallef Winner Sportiv tas-Sena 2016 together with Simon Giordmaina builder and tuner of a Super Street Bike and Franklyn Borg driver of the same bike will be competing at the First Round of the European Drag Racing Championship organised by the FIA in Santa Pod this weekend.

Everything can happen in this type of motorsport however both drivers Duncan and Franklyn as well as tuner Simon Giordmaina are very well prepared, Duncan just broke the record of the Hal Far Race way when he drove the 1000 feet in 4.03 seconds with speed of just under 304 mph while Franklyn drove the quarter mile track in Malta on his bike in 6.99, in March.

Franklyn confirmed this time again in Hungary this month when he broke the record of the Hungarian Race way again at 6,99 seconds. The motorcycle driven by Franklyn is being built and tuned by Simon Giordmaina.

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