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Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 22:28

Bernard Galea and Rodren Vella aiming high at Anglesey Coastal Circuit

Gavin Muscat

Young driver Bernard Galea a year ago dominated the first race of the 4th round of the Civic Cup at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit in Wales by leading the race from the starting lights to the chequered flag.

This coming weekend, Bernard is hoping to do the same but it is going to be more difficult because his Civic will have used tyres.

This year Bernard and Rodren Vella are displaying the “” logo on their cars, and it will be the first time that such publicity for Malta will be given in Wales in this form of event. The two Civic races will eventually be broadcast on Motors TV!

Rodren Vella with professional racing instructor Howard Hunt a year ago at Anglesey Coastal Circuit for his very first overseas circuit race

Rodren had his baptism of fire at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit a year ago taking part in circuit racing with a Civic car for the very first time. He qualified in a very good 12th position on the starting grid with a time of 1 minute 22.27 seconds. But the competition proved too much in the two races, where he finished 19th and 18th, respectively, among 23 drivers.  A reasonably good result in the circumstances, given his lack of experience.  Since then Rodren has placed much better during this season.

Bernard holds the lap record of 1 minute 20.51 seconds at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit, recorded in the first race a year ago, at an average speed of 69.31 miles per hour. He had recorded an even faster lap during the qualifying session with a time of 1 minute 19.97 seconds to claim pole position.


The link for Bernard Galea’s lap record:

Bernard’s excellent performance did not come by chance. The day before the official practice and qualifying session, he and Rodren sought the guidance of a professional racing instructor – Howard Hunt. Knowing exactly where the apex of each corner of the difficult Anglesey Coastal Circuit, the braking points, the gear changing points and the perfect racing line coupled with Bernard’s own racing talent made all the difference between a good race and a record setting race.

Bernard and Rodren hope to make use of what they learnt a year ago to do well again this year. The 1.55 mile circuit has a combination of difficult corners including the Corkscrew and The Banking, and Church and Rocket, as well as a sweeping long curve between the latter two.

Bernard is currently in the 3rd position in the 2015 Civic Cup Championship with 106 points, while Rodren is in 7th position with 56 points.

To support his racing activities, Bernard has set up a funding process – – whereby followers of motor sports may make a contribution to his fund, and in return their names will be posted on a sticker on the roof of the Civic racing car!

All the Maltese followers of motor sport wish Bernard and Rodren the best of luck and success in Wales this weekend.


Rodren Vella (racing number 89) at Croft Circuit [courtesy Civic Cup/750 Motor Club

Bernard Galea (racing number 91) at Croft Circuit [courtesy Civic Cup/750 Motor Club

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