Mosta turn tables on opponents

Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 12:00
APS Bank Under 15 Section A
Sliema W  1      Mosta 2
Mosta came from behind and won the three points at stake. After a balanced first period Mosta were the better outfit after the resumption as they mounted more actions than Sliema.
The early pressure came from Sliema as they mounted three actions in a row. Aidan Friggieri entered the area after dribbling past two defenders and he missed the upright by inches, the same player served Omar Elouni in the area and a defender cleared the ball on the fatal line from his shot and after Friggieri was fouled on the left flank he drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.
Sliema forged ahead in the 11th minute after a defensive error when Mosta keeper David Massaid passed the ball to Daryl Micallef and as Friggieri pounced on the faulty pass and got possesion of the ball he entered the area and scored with a low shot.
Their joy was however short-lived as hardly a minute later Mosta equalised when Neil Frendo was put through in the area in a dubious off-side position and after he was tripped from behind Zach Chircop made no mistake from the penalty spot beating Sliema keeper Matthew Attard with a hard low drive.
Mosta were denied a penalty in the 18th minute when Ryan Camilleri dribbled past an opponent and after entering the area he was tripped but the referee waved play on and in another action by Mosta Frendo served Camilleri with a through ball who returned the compliment to Jean P Formosa in the area and he drove skightly over the bar.
In the last action before the break Mosta defender Bradley Fenech back-passed the ball to his keeper with his foot and as Massaid handled it the referee awarded an indirect free kick in the area which was taken by Friggieri and the ball was cleared by the strong defensive barrier following his hard drive.
Mosta mounted the first action after the break when Micallef served Chircop with a through ball on the left flank and from the latter’s cross-shot the ball caressed the goal mouth with Attard beaten but found no takers to apply the killer touch, while at the other end, Friggieri dribbled past two defenders and after entering the area a defender cleared the ball to a corner following his shot.
In the 56th minute Mosta scored what proved to be the winner when after a run down the left flank by Chircop he served Formosa in the area who scored a beauty with a rising shot in the top right hand corner of the net, and minutes later Chircop served substitute Timothy Muscat  with a perfect through ball but he drove over the bar from outside the area.
Sliema created the last two actions before the end. After a run down the right flank by Friggieri the ball was cleared with difficulty from his cross-pass and after Elouni was fouled on the right flank Massaid saved from the free kick  Justin Vella.
Referee: Dorian Caruana                                 Player of the match: Zack Chircop (Mosta)

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