Mosta’s foreigner working as plasterer

Monday, April 5, 2010, 13:00

Mark Briggs the foreigner who is registered with Division One side Mosta FC has been recently asked by the Mosta committee not to work any more as plasterer on a part time basis. Briggs and Englishman who is the very first UK born player to play with Mosta FC has been working around various locations in the Northern part of the island allegedly without the consent of the Mosta Club officials.

Mark Briggs

Mark Briggs

The Wolverhampton-born midfield player’s recent scruffy apparel at the team’s training sessions led to suspicious comments by his team mates, coach Oliver Spiteri and committee members. When confronted with the situation by Mosta’s team Manager Victor Vella, Briggs formerly of West Bromwich Albion rebutted the accusations that he was working on a part time basis on mornings.

Mark Briggs who was playing in the United States before joining Mosta is believed to have eventually admitted that he was working as a plasterer due to the fact that he needed additional cash for personal reasons. The player was formerly asked to stop to work as plasterer and was asked to concentrate and invest his physical strength in his performances in the BOV First Division League.

Mosta FC are currently in a comfortable mid table position with 21 points. Their next League match is on the 10th April against Melita FC.

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