Basketball Association EGM set for 3rd March

Sunday, February 20, 2011, 11:43

by Sandro Micallef

A meeting was yesterday held between all local Basketball Clubs in an urgent bid to settle the current issue where all the full members of the MBA were invited. This website is informed that all Clubs attended and to the surprise of all even the Luxol Club was represented in this meeting. The latter Club is the centre of controversy after the majority of Clubs are claiming that two of their players were ineligible to play after they had been suspended through discipline but still played after the Board of appeal held their case. 

The Clubs met yesterday to put forward amendments to the MBA’s statute. The proposed amendments to the statute were read through and discussed, with SN Suns, Hibs and Naxxar Starlites with these three Clubs now also signing the request for an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Luxol BC and Mellieha SC delegates still had to discuss these proposals with their club committees, before taking a final stand on the matter. Floriana BC were unable to attend.

With these added three clubs in agreement to the proposed changes to the statute, the proposers find themselves with the backing of 2/3 of the Full Affiliated Clubs. With this backing, which is the majority required by the MBA statute, the EGM of the 3rd March 2011, is expected to approve and implement with immediate effect these proposed changes.

After the proposals for EGM were discussed, the clubs went on to discuss the current impasse which currently exists in the Men First Division competitions. A roadmap on the way forward was drawn up and is now awaiting the approval of every first division club president.

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