More power to MBA Executive committee – MBA Men’s League to resume

Saturday, March 5, 2011, 13:50

by Sandro Micallef

Following last Thursday’s EGM of the Malta Basketball Association where all the nine (9) amendments have been approved, the MBA’s Men’s league is to resume as from next weekend this site has learned.

During the Extraordinary General meeting which was called by the Clubs a secret vote was taken to amend some crucial regulations which the Clubs had been unhappy with for years.

This site is informed that two voting sessions were needed to approve all the amendments which were voted for in a single vote which resulted 7 votes in favor and two against. MBA President Magistrate Antonio Mizzi did not participate in the voting as he has no vote, so it was only the clubs who voted. had earlier this week sent in a formal media request to attend this EGM to report the outcome but our request was turned down by a polite email sent in by the then General Secretary of the MBA Frank Camilleri. Mr. Camilleri eventually resigned from his post during the EGM. This is the second time Mr. Camilleri has handed in his resignation but it is believed that this time he will stick to his decision and will not return to his post.

Ths resignation of Mr. Pasquale Schranz was confirmed during the EGM as was reported by this site last month.

More power to the Clubs

All the nine amendments to the MBA statute that were approved will give now more voice and more power to the Clubs. A major amendment that was amongst the nine approved was that all decisions taken by the President’s Council will now have to be approved by the clubs within the Executive Committee.

“I feel that we have achieved our objectives and we should now concentrate on resuming competitions and giving stability to the Association” commented Marcel Pisani of Athleta Basketball Club after these amendments were approved.

He added “Let us not go into any further dealings or schemes that will rock the boat further. We should now concentrate on confirming the candidates for the vacant posts on the President’s Council and to finalise the rescheduling of games. Any further maneuvering will jeopardize the whole season and I am not prepared to participate in anything beyond what had already been agreed to and achieved. This is the time to be sensible and forget personal and/or club feelings.”


  1. Pros vs Cons says:

    Can we get the ball rolling? If there are balls to roll. We’re all getting fed up, waiting, prolonging, shifting views, drama queen(r)s. Cut the crap & ‘Repent’ it’s Ash Wednesday.


    Very Pro and Very Con Reply:

    Seems like the much respected Tonio Briguglio has heavily criticized the MBA administration on a local newspaper justifiying the claims being made by certain clubs 


    Whip Reply:

    x’jaqbillu jghid!!!


    Joe Borg Reply:

    Il-verita forsi ? Is-Sur Briguglio gentlom ta´ veru.

  2. JOE MIZZI says:

    So the President did not resign from his post even though most did. Very strange indeed. Not really the way to go forward.


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