More overseas appointments for Esther Azzopardi and Adrian Azzopardi this week

Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10:20

Gavin Muscat

The Malta FA Refereeing Department announces the following two referees’ appointments on Thursday 12th November 2015:

  • UEFA has appointed FIFA Referee Esther Azzopardi for the UEFA Women’s Champions League 2015/2016 Round of 16 Group 4 Matchday 6, SK Slavia Praha (Czech Republic) vs WFC Zvezda 2005 (Russia) to be played at the Eden Stadium, in Prague, Czech Republic.  The match kicks-off at 18:30hours.
  •  Esther Azzopardi shall be assisted by FIFA Assistant Referees Angela Kyriakou (Cyprus) and Sanja Rođak Karšić (Croatia), while Zuzana Spindlerova (Czech Republic) will act as 4th Official.
  • UEFA has appointed the experienced Referees’ Committee member in charge of Women’s Football Bo Karlsson (Sweden) to assess the performance of Esther Azzopardi and her team, while Myrsini Psarropoulou (Greece) shall be the Match Delegate                           
  • Following an invitation sent by the Andorran Football Federation, FIFA Referee Adrian Azzopardi will be in charge of the Friendly ‘A’ International Andorra vs St Kitts and Nevis to be played at the Estadi Comunal in Andorra la Vella.  The match kicks-off at 19:00hours.
  •  Adrian Azzopardi shall lead a team of FIFA Match Officials consisting of Mitchell Scerri and William Debattista as assistant referees, and Marco Borg as 4thOfficial

    Adrian & Esther



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