More car and motorcycle races at Ta Qali

Saturday, February 5, 2011, 13:48

Next Sunday 6th February, ASM will be organising the 8th Round of the ASM – New Styles & Poiatti Autocross, Bangers and Motocross National Championships. First Races commence at 11.00am and these will be performed at the ASM Offroad Racing Circuits at Ta Qali.

The 7th Round consisted of Autocross and Banger Races only. The race for valuable Championship Points is on and very competitive between some distinguished drivers. During the 3 heats of the day, each driver wins point to qualify only if he acquires enough point to put him in the top six drivers of the day. Those who qualify for this Class A will race against each in a group of six drivers for nine laps.

Though Christian Galea won all his 3 qualifying heats, he finished 3rd overall in the final race. This class A was won by Michael Pace when he fouled Emm. Muscat on an Opel who was followed by Christian Galea. Karmel Zammit battled with Silvio Sciberras on a Cirtoen for 4th and 5th place respectively. Karm Mifsud was forced to retire after a spin and went almost off-track.

The final B was dominated by Guzi Pace on a fast vintage Escort. He was followed close by Mario Scicluna and Matthew Borg, both on Opel Nova’s but Borg seemed to be faster of the three and he gained first place in the 4th Lap and continued in this position right to the chequered flag. James Buttigieg and Joseph Caruana finished in 4th and 5th place when they have returned back to the sport after a break of about two seasons.

In the Bangers section, ace driver Tony Spiteri won the highest points in the heats of the day. At one moment, he was running on an almost flat tyre but he kept his lead in the 12 lap race. Both 2nd and 3rd placed competitors lost time after a spin in the most difficult curves on the track. Spiteri was followed by Philip Delia and Mario Micallef.

Next Sundays event is to also include Motocross races. These motocross riders are divided into an Experienced Class who ride the powerful 250cc machines. The 2nd class is for Novices and beginners to the sport. Mainly, these riders use 125cc bikes but the more experienced in this class are already using the 250cc engines. Another class is introduced for young riders. These use 85cc powered bikes which are designed for younger rides. These are riding more for the practice of their tuition rather than in the form of a competition. Yet, ASM also presents a token or a trophy to each of these.

Saturday afternoon is practice and making the last preparations for the Sunday’s races.

Spectators can watch all the races from a comfortable place if seated under the big tent which also produces shelter from the elements. Other facilities are available on site.

Sunday’s races start at 11.00am by the Motocross performing their Warm-up and followed by the Autocross and Banger races.

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