More Autocross and Banger racing by ASM at Ta Qali

Thursday, March 10, 2011, 9:23

The 10th ASM-New Styles-Poiatti Autocross and Bangers Championship races will take place next Sunday 13th March at the ASM Racing Circuits – Ta Qali.

Racing will commence at 12.00 noon with the Practice Laps for the Autocross cars. The Heats will start without any delay.

Autocross driver Patrick Cassar on his Opel Corsa returned in full trim to the sport after a delay of some seven events of penalty. He proved his great abilities in Autocross driving by winning all of the three qualifying heats, thus securing his place in the 7 lap Final race of the day.

Ryan Camilleri in his Escort - Photo by Pen of Life

Ryan Camilleri in his Escort - Photo by Pen of Life

Though Patrick made a good launch at the Start of the Final race, it was Christian Galea who took the lead of the race on his Fiat Ritmo. Unfortunately, Christian was forced to retire due to a mechanical failure, Cassar took the lead and was challenged for his placing by Malcolm Borg and Mario Scicluna both on other Opel Corsa cars. On the 5yh Lap, Scicluna took 2nd place over Borg and the chequered flag was shown to Cassar who was followed by Scicluna and Borg, all on Opel Corsa cars.

Karmel Zammit won enough points to qualify in the B Class Autocross Finals. He managed to make a very good start on his Escort lll and led the field to the Finish. This was a relatively clean race and all the cars kept their pace and there were no overtaking to the Finish except for Matthew Borg who lost his place as he was forced to retire due to engine problems. Silvio Sciberras on his Citroen AX finished in 2nd place, Godwin Martin finished in 3rd that was followed by Keith Borg.

The Banger racers also played their share on the day. The fight for the lead was tough and highly competitive. Dennis Vassallo won 57 from the 60 available points for the three races on the day. Tony Spiteri lost some placing due to a flat tire during competition and finished with a total of 50 points and 2nd place overall. Philip Delia suffered a wide spin. Yet he finished in 3rd overall with 45 points. Surely these Banger drivers will be battling again next Sunday 13th March.

The Overall classification in Class A Autocross shows that Emm. Muscat is leading the Championship with just one point ahead of Christian Galea. Muscat and Galea have 39 and 38 points respectively. Michael Pace is placed 3rd overall on his Fiesta with 24points.

The Autocross Class B Classification shows that Matthew Borg is leading with 26 points on his Vauxhall Nova. Karmenu Zammit is placed 2nd with 24 points while 3rd placed is Josef Abela with 19 class B points.

It is important to note that the next ‘Small Car Demolition’ organized by ASM at the Ta Qali Race Circuits is scheduled for the 17th April, 2011.

Next Saturday afternoon, Practice Laps will be held between 14.00 and 16.00 hours. Entrance is Free. Sunday’s Races start at 12.00 noon.

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