Modica volleyball team in Malta

Saturday, May 29, 2010, 10:44

Having finished their commitments in the Italian volleyball league, the young female team from Pro Volley Team Modica is holidaying in Malta. The team is also combining this visit with an English language course.

Pro Volley Team Modica under 18 squad

The Pro Volley Team Modica club has a number of teams in its fold, and the team that has made the trip to Malta participates in the provincial Ragusa league and the average age of the players is around 16-17 years. The club also has a stronger team that plays in the Italian national Serie C league.

Club president Garofalo and his team are also playing a series of friendly matches in conjunction with the Malta Volleyball Association against the local female senior and junior national teams. This will also serve as an opportunity for the senior female national team to gauge itself and try out various tactics in preparation for the European Championships for small countries that will be held in Malta in a couple of weeks time. It’s also an opportunity for the junior national team to gain more international experience following their last tournament in Luxembourg last month.

Things started well yesterday evening with a positive result for the Maltese girls. The junior national team beat a technically well-prepared Modica team with the scoreline of 2-1. The senior team also played against Modica yesterday evening and the Maltese were considerably superior in the first 2 sets, with Modica not being able to keep up with the level of the locals. Following a few changes and substitutions for Malta in the third set, which Modica won, the Maltese girls reassured their authority to bring home a final 3-1 score in their favour.

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