MOC-Full Confidence in Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco and Joe Cassar

Friday, December 14, 2012, 12:46

The Malta Olympic Committee has expressed its full confidence in its president Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco and secretary-general Joe Cassar.

This statement was issued following a meeting of the MOC council, to which two representatives from all the sports associations affiliated to it are invited.

The council said that from the conclusions of the Ethics Commission of the International Olympic Committee is it evident that there was no wrongdoing or any hint of corruption in the sales of tickets for London 2012 or Sochi 2014.

“The Ethics Commission notes that the individuals performing functions within the NOCs did not appear to have had the intention of making personal use of the sums in questionm”, the IOC report stated.

The MOC council said that reports in the media were not true. As a matter of fact it said that the contract for the London 2012 tickets had already been signed, as confirmed by the executive and ratified by the council.

The MOC referred to a seminar of the European Olympic Committees in Budapest, during which the secretary-general received an email from Marin Costello which said that “we are representing a major investor in the ticketing and hospitality trade and we have a business proposition which we think will be of great interest to your committee.

The secretary-general and the MOC president accepted this invite.

According the MOC statement, it later emerged that both of them lacked the necessary experience to deal with this request and that they it would have been better to seek advice.

The MOC council expressed its conviction that both its president and secretary-general followed the established procedure. This stated that after receiving the offer, they had to report to the executive and to the council.

It also referred to the recent General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees held on 8 December in Rome, which unanimously expressed agreed to write to the IOC to express its support to all those accused, while emphasizing on the wrong manner in which the investigation was led, as well as on the way the Ethics Commissions and the IOC treated the case.

The MOC said that it is aware that the IOC is reviewing the current mechanism adopted for the sale of Olympic tickets, and want to ensure to abide by these rules.

In other developments President George Abela said in a short statement that he is not presiding the Commission for the Administration of Justice which is looking into these allegations. He explained that Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri is presiding the case.

Some years ago prior to becoming president, Dr Abela had defended Dr Farrugia Sacco in a separate case which was heard in front of the commission which he now happens to preside.

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