MMF President in FIA meetings in Paris

Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 9:09

During an official visit to the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) headquarters in Paris, the President of the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF), Tonio Cini, held various meetings with top FIA officials. 

FIA President Jean Todt with MMF President Tonio Cini

FIA President Jean Todt with MMF President Tonio Cini

Mr Cini was welcomed by FIA President Jean Todt, during which they discussed issues concerning motorsport in Malta and ways how MMF could operate within the FIA structure to benefit more from its affiliation.  Mr Todt expressed his wish to visit Malta and asked Mr Cini to kick off the process with his staff to try and make this visit possible.

Another meeting followed with the Chef de Cabinet du President, Xavier Malenfer, and the Director of the Office of the FIA President, Greg Hunting.  

Xavier Malenfer, a former Technical Advisor for Sport to French Prime Minister François Fillon, is responsible for the daily management and coordinates the activities of the FIA President. He is also responsible for developing and managing relationships with public institutions and international sporting organisations.

From left MMF President Tonio Cini, Greg Hunting Director of Office and Xavier Malenfer Chief of Cabinet

From left MMF President Tonio Cini, Greg Hunting Director of Office and Xavier Malenfer Chief of Cabinet

Greg Hunting, who has been FIA Mobility’s Director of Public Policy and Services, has extensive experience in senior management in Mobility clubs in Australia and New Zealand as a Ministerial Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser with the Australian Government.   Presently he is responsible for overall management of the FIA President’s office and works with the Secretary General and other senior staff on the strategic development and operational aspects of the organisation.

During this meeting, the issues related with Motorsport in Malta were discussed. Mr Cini informed the FIA officials that motorsport is highly followed in Malta but is lacking in facilities which is affecting the opportunity of local drivers to travel abroad to practise their sport in a proper and safe environment. Moreover, Mr Cini informed FIA that the MMF has set up a sub-committee to formulate a report on the current situation, whilst addressing the sustainability of Motorsport and the recommend development in Malta.

During this meeting, President Jean Todt’s possible Malta visit was also discussed, along with ways of how Malta can benefit more from its FIA affiliation. Mr Malenfer, explained the changes that are taking place within the FIA structure, since Mr Todt’s election as President, and why these changes are taking place.

Another important meeting was held with the FIA Institute’s Director of Programmes, Quentin Crombie. The FIA Institute is the entity which offers enhancement programmes to national federations, including the Younger Drivers Safety Programme, the Officials Safety Training Programme and the Facility Development Programme. Mr Crombie explained some guidelines on these applications and how MMF and its members can benefit from such programmes.

Mr Combie mentioned also that only recently, the FIA appointed MSA UK and CAMS of Australia as the two world regional trainers. MMF welcomed such news since MSA UK and MMF have already worked together in the past. Last year, the Head of External Affairs of RAC MSA UK, Allan Dean-Lewis, was invited to Malta by MMF and was the key speaker in a seminar organised by MMF and supported by KMS on Motorsport Safety and Risk Management, which was open for all local motorsport clubs.

Mr. Crombie reiterated that he was convinced that although MMF was set up just three years ago, the work being conducted is in the right direction and re-affirmed that the FIA Institute is looking forward to assist MMF in this learning process.

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