Mixed results for Rodren Vella’s first experience at Snetterton 300 Circuit

Thursday, September 17, 2015, 16:32

Gavin Muscat

Young Rodren Vella’s first experience at the 3-mile Snetterton 300 Circuit brought mixed results.

The prospects looked good in the morning qualifying session of the 6th Round of the 2015 Tegiwa Civic Cup Championship. Rodren registered a best lap of 2 minutes 17.89 seconds in the third lap to claim 8th position on the 4th row of the starting grid for the first race among 28 competitors.

But this was short-lived, because from the on-board video, it is clear that a competitor crossed Rodren’s path in the opening lap of the first race, and the young Maltese driver had nowhere to go.

Youtube video of the opening lap crash in race 1 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=4&v=xRZXUxU7CHU

It was a pity that the terrific start made by Rodren had to end in such a way. This was the first time in the 2015 championship where Rodren did not succeed to finish a single lap and was classified as a non-finisher. His name did not appear on the live timing of the first lap, so it was clear that something was wrong!

Fortunately, the damage was not such that he was prevented from taking the start of the second race.  Revo Works team and Rodren’s father managed to somehow bandage the Civic with some spare parts loaned by helpful competitors!

Based on the result of the first race, Rodren had to start from the very last place on the starting grid of the second race, in the 22nd place as there were 5 non-starters. But he was determined to do the best he could even though the car was far from a perfect condition.

From 22nd to 9th

By the end of the very first lap, Rodren gained no less than 6 positions to claim 16th place. In the second lap he gained another 2 positions.  In the third lap he gained another position to move into the 13th position.

In the 5th lap, Rodren gained another position, and in the 6th lap he gained one more to move into 11th position. In the 7th and last lap, with great determination and racing skill, Rodren succeeded to gain two more places to finish in a very good 9th position.

Gaining 13 positions in 7 laps was no mean feat. It is clear that had Rodren not been involved in the first lap crash in the first race, he would have recorded another excellent result. But this is motor racing, and the important thing is that he did not get hurt.

In the 6th lap of the second race, Rodren registered his fastest lap of 2 minutes 19.59 seconds – quite close to his qualifying time!

Rodren looks forward to better luck in the final round of the 2015 Civic Cup Championship on 4th October at the Donington GP Circuit.

Results Table - Snetterton 2nd Civic race


Rodren Vella on the way to 9th position from the 22nd starting place!

Rodren blocked in the first lap

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