Mini-squash at the Marsa Sports Club in January

Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 11:06

Mini-squash has been developed by a large number of professional squash coaches and experts in various fields over the past years and has successfully been introduced to most of the leading squash countries world-wide.

Used in different formats, mini-squash develops the all-round coordination skills of junior players required in most racket sports.

Coordination is sometimes taken for granted in small children, and frustration at not being able to ‘hit the ball’ or ‘play the game’ often leads to juniors leaving the game at an early age.

Children that do not develop the correct coordination skills and move on too early to racket & ball exercises usually fail to develop certain aspects of the correct coordination required later for the more detailed racket skills.

Mini-squash develops all aspects of coordination’s skills, teaches children to learn & respect rules, provides them with competitive experience, and gives the children the chance to achieve various standard related levels with tests and exams at various stages to ensure a correct and fair progression for all juniors taking part.

Mini-squash is the correct stepping stone to future success and is taught using a wide range of fun related games, letting the children develop their skills at the correct pace, and keeping them interested in squash for many years to come. Exercises are played in a team environment helping juniors to understand the values of team work, fair-play and cooperation.

The Marsa Sports Club Squash Section will be holding mini-squash classes for children aged 7-9 starting in January.

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