Micallef, Spiteri and Vella dominate the first Autocross Event

Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 9:26

On Sunday 16th December 2018 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will be doing another attempt to open the WotoMoto National Enduro Championship 2018/2019. Once again the competition season will be spread over six events where five races will be conducted in Malta and one to be held in Gozo. This Championship season will again be very well supported by several quarry owners in Malta and Gozo who cooperate with ASMK by allowing the Association to temporarily construct an Enduro race circuit in their Quarry as these quarry bear the right environment for the sport of Moto Enduro.

Despite all this first event will be held at ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali and the program begins at 10:00 in the morning. Non-ASMK members are also welcome to compete in any of the two classes on the day.

For this second season the firm BETA of the Wotomoto Company Ltd will again be the main sponsor of the ‘2018/2019 BETA Enduro Challenge’ right from the first event of the League. This day’s event at the ASMK complex in Ta’ Qali consists of a Warm-up and 2 individual Timed Laps by each competitor one by one on a specially laid common track where some obstacles are also laid for this event which is timed by electronic equipment.

The winner of the day who records the fastest times during races which are electronically controlled will be declared as the Winner. In addition to the trophy of the day the lucky winner will also be presented and takes home a brand new BETA RR 300cc 2T motorcycle. This rider is given by the Beta firm for a year to the winner who is bound to participate during the whole season and do all the training sessions required in preparation for all and other events held during the tournament.

Meanwhile on Sunday 9th December 2018 ASMK held the first event of the Pasta Poiatti National Autocross Championship for 2018/2019 where 16 competitors were registered and divided into two classes, those for the Modified and Standard cars.

During the day none of the competitors was penalised or warned for foul play and each competitor demonstrated excellence in driving on soft ground. During the Heats Joseph Micallef on his Opel Corsa won two Heats from three and ensured his place in the Class A Final Race Start. Micallef was followed by Terence Azzopardi in 2nd place and by Melo Zammit in 3rd place where all three races drive on Opel Corsa cars. During the Race Final Micallef took the lead and continued to dominate the pressure where he also won this Class A Race Final. Micallef was always followed by Azzopardi while third place winner is Ryan Scicluna on a Ford Fiesta.

From Class B for Modified cars we had these results. Joseph Spiteri on an Opel Corsa won this class followed by Theo Micallef on a Ford Fiesta while third place winner is Jonathan Vella on a Ford Fiesta.

In the Standard Class Johann Vella on an Opel Nova dominated and won this class. Jerome Peplow on Kia Avella followed in 2nd place and third place was won by Kyle Agius on an Opel Nova. Fourth place was won by Quinn Camilleri on his Peugeot 106.

More information can be found on the website of the Association:- www.asmk.org.mt or Facebook page with the name:- Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by email or Mobile:- info@asmk.org.mt and 9942 5489

Photos by Mario Micallef

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