MHA launches refereeing DVD

Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 9:28

On Friday 31st May in the presence of a good number of local delegates, referees and table-officials, the MHA launched the production of its very first teaching tool tailor made for its technical staff – a dvd for referees.

Mr. Louis Borg was presented with the dvd by Mr. A. Grima, MHA’s Technical Manager who compiled the dvd. Also present were Vice-President Mr. Andrew Decelis and Mr. Luke Zammit who was responsible for filming and editing of the various clips.

The situations presented in this DVD were all taken from the local handball scene with the intention of generating greater familiarity with the events presented.

Mr. Borg said “Education is a life-long process and this DVD is by no means an end to one’s learning process. The ongoing participation in seminars, courses and technical meetings all contribute to the professional development. Whereas knowledge of the rules of the game plays an important role, credit must also be given to other factors such as attitude, fairness and physical and mental fitness. The Association would like to see the development of referees flourish in all areas.”

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