MFA withdraw bribery claims against Calabretta

Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 19:59

Cianluca Calabretta will be granted a conditional exempt order after the MFA has withdrawn match fixing allegation against the player. Calabretta has been listed among three players of Hamrun Spartans who allegedly fixed a Premier League match which this site is informed to have been played in January when the player was not even with Hamrun. Many thought that the alleged fixed game was played between September/December 2012 but it was not the case.

This site is informed that Dr. Jason Azzopardi who appeared for the player in front of the MFA’s executive argued that the player had nothing to do with the fixed match. In fact it resulted that the MFA had to withdraw unfounded allegations in Calabretta’s regards.

The player has been granted the conditional exempt order after he fully collaborated with the integrity officer and the prosecutor of the MFA Dr. Adrian Camilleri. All the allegations made on Gianluca Calabrtetta have now all been fully retreated by the MFA. It is not yet known if the Malta FA will issue a formal press release to apologise with the player.

The board to investigate corrupt practices will soon meet to interview the other two players involved in the alleged case.


  1. Roitmann says:

    @ Wally….Hekk hu..


  2. Gordon G Camilleri says:

    Nispera F’Alla li dawn il-kumidji ma jigrux ta spiss ghawn Malta, ghax ahna qedin tjjeb ga dal pajjiz fej jidhol il- football u bdawn lizbalji inkomplu immorru lura, MFA ghandha ikollha provi konkreti qabel takuza player u jigri bhal dal kas.


  3. Buffon says:

    Dawn x kummiedji huma? Allura l MFA fuq liema bazi akkuzawh? Kieku jien Calabretta nfittex l MFA ghall malafama…lanqas haqq id dell ikrah li tefawlu!


    Wally Reply:

    Nahseb aktar nghid li Calabretta haddem rasu u beda jikkollabora. Il-qasba ma ccaqcaqx ta’ xejn. 


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