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Monday, October 4, 2010, 13:29
Mark Attard replaces Rodney Vassallo for the new MFA's TV programme

Mark Attard replaces Rodney Vassallo for the new MFA's TV programme

In a promotional statement the MFA said that one of the first initiatives in the way of propagating more effectively the image of the MFA and all that it stands for will be a TV programme by name ‘MFA Live’ to be presented on TVM every week on Thursday at 5.25 pm.

The first programme will be aired on TVM on Thursday, 7th October, 2010. The MFA’s PR department added that the aim of the programme is to promote what is positive and educational in the game of football.   The 30-minute progamme will in fact be based more on these elements rather than previews, reviews, analysis and discussions which are normally best left to other TV productions from a variety of local stations.

This should help provide an increased awareness of the positive and social values which the association strives to imbue and thus help educate the public. Thus ‘MFA Live’ will be more than a medium of normal sports programmes of this genre read the FA’s release.

In a nutshell the MFA has decided to re-brand it’s former programme MFA Magazine which was broadcast on Smash TV for the past four years. It was almost certain that the new programme would not be on the airwaves of Smash TV  neither would be on the airwaves presenter and producer Rodney Vassallo who has now been replaced by Mark Attard the MFA’s Domestic Media and PR.


  1. Colin Schembri says:

    Good luck Mark. colin


  2. support malta says:

    l iktar gurnalist li jajd cucati….


    carmel said Reply:

    the only investigative journalists in football we ever had in the country were Tonio Farrugia/John Busuttil/George Micallef/Mark Cutajar/Sandro Micallef and Mark Attard. All of them were stopped or simply didnt reach the finish line for a reason or another. Only mark managed! Just take from where he started years ago and where he is today! And his achievments in his past tv shows and newspaper articles are what he is and what he deserves today. I hope other youngsters that aspire to be sport journalists will have the balls that mark had and look at all these journalists that i mentioned above as their idols!


    warren Bugeja Reply:

    What balls… Il-gideb li qala fuq l illum l izjed..


  3. Rodney Vassallo says:

    Bongu lil kulhadd,

    Nahseb li Mark Attard ghandhu jinghata c-cans jizviluppa l-ideat tieghu fil-programm gdid ta’ l-MFA.
    Programm li twieled sitt snin ilu u mhux 4 snin ilu, u taht l-amministrazzjoni ta’ qabel ghamilna li stajna f’cirkostanzi mhux dejjem facli biex naghtu stampa dwar il-hidma fl-MFA.
    Ninsab konvint li Mark se jkomplu u jipprova jtejjeb fuq it-tajjeb li nbeda f’dan il-programm u wiehed ghandhu jtih ic-cans kif ga ghedt.
    Dwari personali ghalkemm MFA Magazine kien programm li tista tghid wellidthu jien, kien johodli hafna hin u wara 6 snin nahseb kien about time li nhares il-quddiem ,, u din ix-xitwa nixtieq insib iktar hin ghalija nnifshi.
    Madankollu se nibda nvolut indirettament b’ghajnuna minn wara l-kwinti fit-tim tal-produzzjoni tal-programm l-Argument.

    Grazzi lil kulhadd
    u Gd luck Mark!!!



  4. footballlover says:

    So, Rodney Vassallo kicked out ( Joe Mifsud Party) , Mark Attard in ( De De Party). Till here all fine and dandy. Mark Attard, a well known journalist for critisizing the M.F.A. in every step it takes, has now stopped writing on the MFA woes on hi paper the “ILLUM” , all of a sudden the MFA is running on golden stones. I think this is a clear sign of CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Mr Attard should either resign from the role of Journalist or should not have been appointed in that role at the MFA. A program like MFA magazine , should have been given to Mr. Mark Muscat, a person who really has the Maltese football at heart. 


  5. Mark Spiteri says:

    I’ve known Mark for years. I can assure everyone he is a great guy and always ready to help others. I don’t know why such comments arise on someone who has never harmed anyone! But what makes me think on these comments are: 1. Why such a story made headlines and is still on for almost 24hrs on such a website owned by another collegue of Mark?
    2. What are the solutions about Mark and MFA live…MFA shouldn’t do program or should change presenter ? And if yes, with whom? No one wrote any proponents! 
    Let’s give everyone his chance to work. It’s not fair to massacre someone who hasn’t even started. Is this fairness??? After all Mark is the most respected journalist with all the local clubs and council members. His past stories were always true and no one ever came back and replied on something he ever wrote. His presence with today’s President was vital to the change we and the local football needed. Good luck Mark!


  6. alistair says:

    why was rodney not confirmed he was a good presenter !!


  7. joan borg says:

    mark attard is one of the best writers and producers in sports media sector on the rock. I am sure he will criticise mfa when its needed. its his style , he was born like that and he will die the same. lets give everyone his chance before starting firing on someone that havent  even started his show.


    alistair Reply:

    critisize ?! what he cannot !!! dawk salima ma halqhom ! daqs kemm kien jikkritika Rodney ma tarax dan programm ta’ incens biss bhal REPLAY din is-sena laqizmu lild-de de


  8. carmel said says:

    Well done Mark…MFA needs you. At a young age with more than 10yrs experience in journalism is not something on everyone. Keep it up, and well done MFA for the good choice!


    it twiks Reply:

    u hallina carm.. billi andu 10 snin esperjenza.. kemm hareg sugu minn 10 snin ta kitba u gurnalizmu?.. ftit li xej.. mark huwa wihed mil gurnalisti li jhobb ikun hu il protagonist u mux il players..anna hafna minnom illum mas saqaj.

    jekk l-mfa ridu gurnalist ta’veru..u jaf xinhu jejd .. missom qalu lil gorg micallef jew mark cutajar.. lunika 2 surit in nies li anna aw malta.. il bqija mbarazz


  9. peter says:

    posibli li MFA ma sabitx prezentatur bis sens !!!!


  10. Karistu says:

    @warren bugeja….vera ghandek ragun ta’ siehbi…dan lanqas jiflah jitkellem qisu mejjet….u kemm hu ikrah ahjar l-mfa titfa 2 nisa sbieh forsi ipattu naqra ghal dan l-ghageb. hahahah


  11. Dwinu says:

    Hahaha minn got=tagen ghal gon-nhar….l-ewwel b Rodney Vassallo konna l-ahhar stage u issa b dan in nofs keddha. Hallina Dede u ahjar tara min huma il vera nies tajbin.


  12. lionking says:

    @it twiks

    Agree with you 100%


  13. 19 il-leugue says:

    jisthajlux xi mudell b`dik il-qaghda.


  14. john says:

    imma possibli L’MFA ma setghatx issib presentatur ahjar !!! come on MFA inkunu ftit iktar serji !!


  15. magistrat says:

    posibli ma setghux isibu prezentatur bis sens !!!


  16. warren Bugeja says:

    Stajtu sibtu presentatur ahjar ta….


  17. it twiks says:

    Mark attard is one of the few weak points of the new mfa… what a plonker


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