MFA kicks ball back to Marsaxlokk’s side

Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 18:12

The MFA Executive committee and MFA council have decided not to take a decision on the future of four Marsaxlokk players who have asked for a free release.

The MFA council has asked Marsaxlokk new President Anthony Lee Baldacchino (who was present at Wednesday’s meeting) to speak up and voice his concern about the issue. Baldacchino has asked the MFA to accept the letters that the Club has sent in, signed by the players, whereby both parties (the Clubs and these players) are asking that they are released with immediate effect and the dues for their services are forfeited.

The MFA was discussing letters handed in by Marsaxlokk where they agreed with Malcolm Licari, Carlos Compagnoli and Florent Raimy. These three players have agreed with Marsaxlokk that if they are releases they will not seek any compensation from the Club for arrears. The players’ argument is that they will stand a good chance to negotiate a good deal with new Clubs with the possibility of earning also a lump sum with a possible signing on fee.

The case of Obinna Obiefule has been settled since the player was wise enough and was led through the right channels as he had written a formal complaint way back and he was granted an unconditional release.

Obielfule is set to sign for Mosta FC.

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