MFA introduces first and second pick TV rights offer

Thursday, February 2, 2012, 14:15

The Malta Football Association will be receiving bids for the live TV broadcast of the forthcoming three BOV Premier League seasons 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15. A new initiative by the MFA will be the fact that the MFA will be putting forward an interesting initiative whereby a potential company can win the first pick package of live games and/or the second pick package.

Addressing the media MFA CEO and MFA lawyer, Bjorn Vassallo and Chris Bonnet respectively, explained that the tendering process will open on 6thFebruary and will close on 2nd March at 5pm.

The winning bidder who will be awarded the first pick package will be given the green light to broadcast a minimum of 52 games per season. The MFA is keeping the same technical terms as they are presently with regards the production requirements whereby a minimum of a seven camera set up will be requested for the production of each game.

Dr. Bonnet explained that the minimum bid to be considered for the first pick package by the MFA will be that of €130,000.

With regards the second pick package the MFA will not impose any minimal bid on interested parties but the company who goes in for the second pick must tender also for the first pick. The winner of the second pick package will be granted a minimum of 32 live games equivalent to one match per each match day of each respective seasons.

As an incentive to the investors the MFA will be granting live on air advertising jingles during the games.

Asked if the MFA legal department is doing anything to stop the illegal circulation of BOV Premier highlights on social network sites such as Facebook and You Tube, Dr. Bonnet said that the MFA had officially communicated with the US office of Facebook and also to You tube to try and stop such broadcasts on these sites.

When asked if the MFA feels that it is not safeguarding the value of these rights by allowing licenced free to air TV stations to broadcast BOV Premier highlights on their respective Internet sites, the MFA CEO said that the Association will look further into this matter as up to now no internal discussions were held.

In the meantime the PBS is believed to have been the only bidder for the International TV rights package for the Malta home matches for the upcoming World Cup 20114 qualifiers and friendly games.

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