MFA Girls in Colourful Fun Football Festival

Friday, September 14, 2012, 12:15

The Malta Football Association through their Women’s Football Department within the Technical Centre, organised a Fun Football Festival for girls aged between 9 and 16 years at the Centenary Stadium on Monday 10th September.

This was certainly another opportunity for girls to play football in an atmosphere of fun but at the same time within an environment where they could display their skills and technique.

The activity lasted two hours and offered all participants the satisfaction of mixing together in the name of a most popular sport – football. Furthermore, the girls had an incentive of getting a gift if they introduced a friend to football. There was an encouraging response to this scheme as 25 girls who already play the game brought with them a friend.

All those registered for the festival received a commemorative T-shirt. There was a total of 150 girls of whom 25 had not been involved in football before. Accordingly, the event catered for all participants of different capabilities, starting with the very beginners and going up to the elite girls enrolled in the MFA Academy.

The coaching was carried out voluntarily by the MFA Women’s National Team Coaches, MFA Girls Academy Coaches, and Women National Team players together with Club coaches, a gesture which showed how much they appreciate giving their contribution towards the improvement of girls football. Parents and helpers were also involved in this activity.

This was another well-organised event courtesy of the MFA Technical Centre. All participants and their parents together with several girls’ nurseries and women national team players also present could not but enjoy this colourful event on a bright day from every aspect.

A word of gratitude goes to the sponsors, General Soft Drinks, who provided the participants with water. Thanks also go to FIFA for their support in this festival.

The MFA shows their appreciation to all in this respect.


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