MFA appoint six U17 Championship Tournament Ambassadors

Monday, March 24, 2014, 8:27

The organising committee appointed by the Malta Football Association struck a brilliant note when deciding to appoint the six eminent personalities which hail from our football cradle and are thus symbolic of the Maltese game.


Five of these ambassadors are the only five international players who have so far earned 100 caps or more for the Malta national team. They are David Carabott, Carmel Busuttil, Gilbert Agius, Joe Brincat and Michael Mifsud. The welcome co-incidence is that these five footballers hail from five different localities from a wide cross-section of the island. Although some of them changed clubs throughout their playing career and also plied their football trade abroad, they are intrinsically connected with the clubs which launched them on the grand stage of football.


The sixth, ambassador, Fr Hilary Tagliaferro, can be referred to as the father of Maltese youth football in our islands, a person of high esteem who has exceptional qualities particularly as an experienced administrator of long-standing.


The role of these ambassadors will focus on the promotion of the local game itself, mostly amongst the youths and schoolchildren.


The profiles below mirror their achievements along the years and seal their names indelibly as role models of Maltese football.

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