Men’s European U15 Water Polo Championships Qualification Tournament in Slovenia

Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 13:59

The U15s National Coach Anthony Farrugia and National Coach Karl Izzo have selected the following players for the Qualification Tournament of the Men’s European U15 Water Polo Championships:

Castillo Mark Neptunes

Galea Ryan Sirens

Fenech Alec Neptunes

Azzopardi Sam Sliema

Gialanze Sam Neptunes

Borg Kieyan Sliema

Mifsud Sam Neptunes

Cachia Jake Sliema

Borg Gianluca San Giljan

Demarco Mark Sliema – captain

Caruana Russell San Giljan

Mifsud Matthew Sliema

Tully Daniel San Giljan

Schiavone Nico Sliema

The contingent leaves Malta on Sunday 24th March when they travel to Rome and spend three days in the Centro Federale Polo Natatorio di Ostia undergoing physical training as well as pool training. They will also be playing friendly matches against the top Italian clubs in the evenings. They will proceed to Koper in Slovenia on Wednesday 27th March and start their competition on Thursday.

The schedule of the matches is as detailed hereunder:

Thu 28-Mar-2019

20:30 Slovenia MALTA

Fri 29-Mar-2019

12:00 MALTA Romania

19:00 MALTA Ukraine

Sat 30-Mar-2019

17:30 MALTA Greece

Sun 31-Mar-2019

09:00 Italy MALTA

The team, under the guidance of Anthony Farrugia, will also be accompanied by team manager Rita Azzopardi, ASA President Joe Caruana Curran, Karl Izzo and physio Zach Gatt.

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