Mellieha turn defeat into victory

Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 12:29
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 2
Mellieha turn defeat into victory
Siggiewi  1     Mellieha   2
Mellieha rallied from behind to beat Siggiewi after trailing 0-1 in the first period. After a balanced first half Mellieha had the lion’s share of exchanges after the resumption.
The first action was creaed by Siggiewi when Gary Bugeja served Michael Pace with a through ball but Mellieha defender Thomas Stellini foiled him with a perfect timely tackle.
Three actions in a row were then mounted by Mellieha. Andrew Abela released Luke Camilleri in the area and he missed the upright from his shot, Camilleri then dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and the ball missed the bar from his cross-shot and Damien Ellul served Camilleri in the area and Siggiewi keeper Kyle Pace saved his shot to a corner. 
In a Siggiewi reaction they mounted two actions. Gary Bugeja served Naeem Shaikh in the area and Mellieha keeper Dean Galea foiled him with a timely sortie and  Michael Pace released Shaikh in the area and after his header was cleared on the line by Stellini the ball was cleared to a corner.
Siggiewi forged ahead in the 20th minute when Pace served Shaikh with a through ball on the right edge of the area and he scored with a rising shot.
In another action by Mellieha Camilleri served Abela with a through ball and Siggiewi keeper Kyle Pace had to come out of his charge to kick away the ball to safety.
Four minutes before the break Siggiewi came very close to double their lead when Bugeja served Michael Pace with a cross in the area from the right flank and after Galea partly saved his shot Stellini cleared the ball on the line from the rebound shot by Michael Pace.
Siggiewi created the first action after the restart when Bugeja served Shaikh with a through ball but he drove over the bar from outside the area.
In a Mellieha reaction they mounted three actions. Camilleri dribbled past two opponents on the left flank and after entering the area the ball was cleared to a corner from his shot. Jack Vella missed the bar by inches from outside the area after dribbling past an opponent and Damien Ellul entered the area after dribbling past an opponent and after Pace partly saved his shot the ball was cleaed away to safety.
The north sea-siders resumed with their pressing. After a flag kick by Andrew Abela, William Vella headed slightly out from inside the area. Thomas Sant served the same player with a cross from the right but he drove over the bar when well placed in the area and after Vella was fouled just outside the area Pace was forced to dive and save the ball to a corner from the free kick by the same player.
Mellieha equalised in the 72nd minute when Camilleri entered the area after dribbling past an opponent and as he was tripped by Kevin Camilleri, Jack Vella made no mistake from the spot with a hard low drive, and two minutes later they scored a dramatic winner when Stellini served William Vella in the area who scored with a hard low diagonal drive.
The last action before the end was created by Mellieha when William Vella released Jack Vella in the area and Pace saved his shot.
Siggiewi: K.Pace, K.Ciantar, L.Cassar, N.Shaikh ( M.Mallia 68), O.Vella, G.Bugeja, K.Camilleri, M.Pace, C.Schembri, E. Diacono, F.Schembri
Mellieha: D.Galea, J.Cini, D.Ellul, T.Stellini, J.Grima, W.Vella, T.Sant, J.Vella, A.Abela, J.Debono, L.Camilleri
Refreee: Martin Borg                                      Player of the match: Jack Vella (Mellieha)

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