Mellieha in strong win against Qormi

Monday, October 24, 2011, 13:34

by Deborah Marmara

Mellieħa beat Qormi 3-0 (25-14, 25-23, 25-21) in the Females 2nd Division Volleyball game held on 22nd October 2011. From the word go, Mellieħa were in advantage over their opponent. This advantage was kept throughout the set. After a sevice break of 4 by Rossella Bonello this set was closed at a score of 25-14 to Mellieħa’s advantage.

In the next two sets, Qormi’s defences proved to be hard to hammer for Mellieħa. During the second set, things were looking well for Mellieħa who managed to reach the first and then the second time out with an advantage of 8 points over their opponent. However following the second timeout, the lack of concentration on Mellieħa’s side permitted Qormi to gain ground. This comeback for Qormi was however to no avail as Mellieħa still closed the second set to their advantage.

The third set started badly for Mellieħa whose defences were undermined by Qormi. It seemed that the latter’s defences were impenetrable for Mellieħa whose attacks were giving no considerate gains. Qormi gained advantage over their opponent, but after a sting of strong services and witty attacks, Mellieħa managed to reach and surpass their opponent and eventually close this set to their advantage as well. With this win, Mellieħa have collected their second win in the Women’s Second Division League after 2 weeks ago Mellieha they won 3-0 against Paola under 18’s.

Referee: Antonello Calleja


  1. Volley says:

    Still waiting for the articles on the matches played in the past 2 weekends !!!


  2. Volleyball Player says:

    Because they will have everything controlled by them. Whn the association handles the articles , none of the articles will be published mark my words. Or else they will change wordings to suite them


  3. Furjana says:

    Why do you need to send mail to the the association before sending to the press? Mela qeghdin r-Russja ta’ Stalin jew?!!!


  4. Volleyball Player says:

    Only Mellieha played this weekend? I wonder why the MVA sent an email to all its club members urging them not to send any mail to press without its consent… Shame volleyball in Malta is not being given its importance and coverage it needs!!


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