Melita C.C reach their target against Overseas C.C

Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 8:13

On Saturday Overseas C.C took on Melita C.C in the only game for the day. Melita looking for a win to be able to Challenge Marsa for the league title and Overseas looking for their second win.

The Overseas batted first as they have done in four of their five previous games. The Overseas to date have the highest team total in the league. In this game they achieved the lowest total of the league.

Roger Bradley and Mike Caruana opened the batting. Bradley was left stranded after a mix up and was run out for three runs. Unfortunately for Overseas three runs was third highest score for the day with three other batsmen, Piers Allen, Alex Taylor and Sean Duffy making that score. Extras were second highest score with nine.

Caruana was top scorer with ten runs. Junior Adam Caruana scored two runs. Overseas totalled a mere 33 runs. Andy Naudi bowled very well and took two wickets for ten runs from his four overs. Justin Brooke was even more impressive taking three wickets for three runs in almost three overs. Gordon Hewitt bowled well and chipped in with two wickets. Nowell Khosla bowled well but was wicketless.

Melita reached their target in the eleventh over. Greg Symons opened the batting and was the last wicket to fall when the score was a tie. He scored ten runs. Dave Eyon scored six runs, Tony Slater and Joy Ghoseroy three runs each, Steve Mault, Dave Mansfield and Ian Pendlebury all scored one run each. Pendlebury hit the winning run trying to hit a switch hit which went straight up in the air.

A fielder went to catch it, batsmen thinking he was going to get caught started walking, fielder drops the catch , the non striker batsmen calls the run and the batsmen scramble for the win. For Overseas Mike Caruana was the main wicket taker with two, while Austin O’Malley, Roger Bradley and Sean Duffy took a wicket each.

From the win Melita earned ten points and are now top of the league. Four points clear of Marsa, who play Krishna C.C on the 17th September.  Marsa must win to take the title.

Next Saturday returning team Ted Mostyn C.C (last came in 2004) take on the Marsa side.

Also on the 17th of September the Junior academy/nursery will commence from 9:00am till 10:30am. For more info:

03.09.11 Win Bonus Points Total
played Won Points Batting Bowling Points
Melita 6 4 24 4 8 36
Marsa 5 4 24 2 6 32
Krishna 5 2 12 5 17
Overseas 6 1 6 1 6 13

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