Mediterranean Horse Racing Union Championship

Thursday, April 1, 2010, 12:35

The Malta Racing Club is once again organising the Malta Leg of the 2010 Horse Racing Union Championship on the 31st March. The two legs, namely the 2nd leg reserved to Flat Racing horses and the 1st leg of the trotting championship, will be part of a 9 race meeting, made up of 8 trot races and 1 flat race.  The first race will start at 14:00.  The event also includes various other activities, with traditional dancers, traditional carts parade and various other activities for all to enjoy. 

Dr. Matthew Brincat (centre) addressing the Press Conference

Dr. Matthew Brincat (centre) addressing the Press Conference

At the press conference Dr. Matthew Brincat said that “this is an annual event not just for the horse enthusiast, that follow horse racing on a regular basis, but this is an important venue for the Maltese to support the Maltese jockey Mr Michael Sultana and the Maltese driver Mr Frances Cassar.”

Mr Sultana is the current Champion jockey for 2009, whilst Mr Cassar is a well-known driver with a career spanning back nearly 40 years. Both drivers have represented Malta outside our shores in various occasions.

The 12 countries participating at this year’s event, scheduled on Freedom Day, are Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and the Ukraine. 

The 5th race is the ‘Johnny Walker Cup’, and will feature 8 participating countries.  It is also the 2nd leg of the Mediterranean Jockeys Championship 2010.

The final draws are:

No Horse Name Country Jockey
1 Lordswood – (IR) – G/6yrs Cyprus Christoforos Christoforou
2 Docklands Brian – (EN) – G/9yrs Italy Alessandro Muzzi
3 No Telling – (US) – M/4yrs France Jean Michel Sanchez
4 Minnow – (GB) – M/6yrs Malta Michael Sultana
5 Etoile du Pic – (FR) – M/8yrs Greece Mihalis Tsirigotis
6 Laparisienne – (FR) – M/4yrs Israel Ofir Ben David
7 Maria La Perfida – (IR) – M/5yrs Morocco Ahmed Lakjal

Race will start at 15:50.

The 4th and 7th race will both be part of the Trotting Driver Championship.  It is the 1st leg of the Mediterranean Trot Championship 2010.  The final draw for Race 4, Silver Division are:

No Horse Name Country Driver
1 Stonecreek – (SE) – G/8yrs Ukraine Olga Bondar
2 Black Guy – (SE) – G/13yrs France Jean Paul Fasquelle
3 Jaguar de France – (FR) – G/13yrs Italy Attilio Golia
4 Mambo de Chrismi – (FR) – G/10yrs Malta Frances Cassar
5 Lex Wall – (SE) – G/9yrs Serbia Ivan Vukov
6 O’Haras Arrow – (SE) – G/14yrs Slovenia Ales Pavsic
7 Lawrence Crown – (FR) – G/11yrs Spain Mateo Riera Bennassar
8 Prince Brilliance – (SE) – G/9yrs Russia Sergei Sablin

Race will start at 15:20.

The final draw of the Race 7, Gold Division are:

No Horse Name Country Driver
1 Ne Va Joe Brennois – (FR) – G/9yrs Slovenia Ales Pavsic
2 Nasdaq du Closet – (FR) – G/9yrs Russia Sergei Sablin
3 Loufouque Dairie – (FR) – G/11yrs Serbia Ivan Vukov
4 Red Baron – (BE) – G/11yrs France Jean Paul Fasquelle
5 Kaki de Peyrahout – (FR) – S/12yrs Ukraine Olga Bondar
6 Bodrero – (IT) – S/12yrs Italy Attilio Golia
7 Mimile du Hamet – (FR) – G/10yrs Spain Mateo Riera Bennassar
8 Matador Knick – (SE) – G/7yrs Malta Frances Cassar

Race will start at 16:40

Dr. Matthew Brincat, Club chairman, welcomed all the delegates and jockeys/drivers that will be participating in the Malta Leg. Dr. Brincat also said that “he is very pleased that the Malta Racing Club is once again organising such a prestigious event in the annual racing calendar of the Mediterranean Horse Racing Union.”  Mr. Brincat also pledged the Club’s future commitment in organising such events in the future and also to participate during the coming legs.  He concluded that “such international tournaments are an opportunity for Maltese jockeys/drivers to broaden their experience abroad, and for the Malta Racing Club to continue strengthen the already excellent relationships with all other member countries.” 

The whole racing program is available on the Malta Racing Club web site

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