Mediterranean games last updates

Monday, June 24, 2013, 11:24

Rodmar Pulis, accompanied by his coach Jesmond Caruana, was the youngest
weıghtlifter competing in the under 77kg category. He had a flying start
when he completed successfully all lifts in the Snatch. Furthermore,
lifting against Olympians has motivated him to do his best and break two
National records, finishıng the Snatch event with a lift of 105kg.
Unfortunately, as soon as he started warming up for the Clean and Jerks,
Pulis suffered an injury and had to withdraw from the competition. Had he
competed, he was aiming to place 7th from the 9 competitors.

Andrew Chetcutı competed today in his second swımmıng event, the 100m
freestyle, with a time of 52.41s. He will be again ın actıon tomorrow for
the 50m butterfly.

Shooting competitions started today. Eleonor Bezzina took part in the 10m
aır pıstol event, with scores of 93, 91, 92, 88 totalıng 364 and placıng

Brian Galea competed in the first day of Olympic Trap wıth scores of 23,
24,25 totalıng 72 which put him in the 10th place. He will be facıng the
last round tomorrow morning where he wıll be shooting another 50 clays.

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