Mediterranean Games announced. Controversy in selection

Friday, November 12, 2010, 12:43

by Sandro Micallef

During a press conference, MOC president Magistrate Lino Farrugia Sacco announced that Malta will be hosting the Mediterranean Friendship Games. These will be held on the 20th and 21st November and will see our athletes from ten disciplines compete against other Sicilian athletes. The Games will consist of the following disciplines: Badminton, Beach Volley, Chess, Canoeing, Equestrian, Fencing, Golf, Karate, Pool and Triathlon, with each competition featuring two local teams.

The participating associations will take care of organising the competitions in their respective disciplines, but the venues and timetables of the events are now known yet, even though the Games are only one week away. The MOC shall be taking care of the accommodation and other matter such as the procurement of medals and trophies for the winners.

Beach volley in. Billiards and Taekwondo out.

In what can be dubbed as a controversial and strange decision by the MOC, beach volley, a sport that was selected for the past GSEE and is also shortlisted for the forthcoming Games, was selected as one of the the disciplines for thee Mediterranean Friendship Games. The concept of these Friendship Games is to give international exposure to those disciplines who don’t take part in the Mediterranean Games, Commonwealth Games, Small Nations Games and other similar competitions.

This move by the MOC to include beach volley, created a precedent and has given rise to speculation, particularly when one considers that the billiards and taekwondo federations were not selected to participate. These two associations were in fact in the MOC’s original list for the Mediterranean Friendship Games 2010, whilst beach volley was not in that list. The reason why billiards and taekwondo were eventually omitted and replaced by beach volley is still unknown.

When asked by for his comments about the inclusion of beach volley seeing that this is a GSSE sport and should not be part of the Friendship Games, a hesitant Magistrate Farrugia Sacco said that “whilst I am aware that there might be some problems within the administration of the Malta Volleyball Association, both the MOC and myself, in my personal capacity, strongly believe that such participation in these Games would help local beach volley”. Farrugia Sacco added that Daniel Gauci, the Maltese-Australian beach volley player who featured in last year’s GSSE, will not be brought over to Malta.

The only federation that has not confirmed its official(s) for the Mediterranean Friendship Games is the Malta Volleyball Association.

Team Malta

The team that will represent Malta is the following:

Badminton: Maria Borg, Fiorella Farrugia, Stefan Salomone, Robert Salomone, Catherine Dimech, Joanne Cassar, David Cole, Kenneth Vella.
Officials: John Attard, Frans Vella, Joseph Salomone, Martin Farrugia

Beach Volley: Maria Demicoli, Alison Borg, Gertrude Zarb, Lindsay Cordina, Robert Balzan, Gordon Cachia, Paul Vella, Paul Tonna
Officials: To be advised

Chess: Colin Pace, Mario Psaila, Duncan Vella, Clarence Psaila, Oliver Said, John Richards
Officials: Kenneth Borg, Ronald Sammut

Canoeing: Gerald Degaetano, Matthew Schembri, Simon Gauci, Nicki Borg Costanzi
Official: Dorian Vassallo

Equestrian: Charlo Lawrence, Claudio Borg, Darlene Shmidt, Margot Draper, Thomas Xuereb, Elaine Meli, Rachel Zammit Cutajar, Sarah Micallef
Officials: Caroline Anastasi, Lucienne Selvaggi

Fencing: Kurt Mifsud, Pierre Bianchi, Andre Zahra, Kurt Storace, Paul Borg, Marcus Muscat Baron
Officials: Mark Borg, Alexander Micallef

Golf: Andrew Borg, Pierre Satariano, Chris Bergedahl
Official: Ray Mountford

Karate: Paul Falzon, Keith Falzon, Joseph Galea
Official: Jason Edwards

Pool: Clayton Attard, Johan Attard, Mario Brincat, Claudio Cassar, Raymond Caruana, Ivan Rizzo
Officials: Vincent Degiorgio, Kenneth Mallia Milanes

Triathlon: Keith Galea, Mark Zammit, Danica Bonello Spiteri, Donatelle Callus, Brian Magri, Nathan Farrugia, Suzanne Farrugia, Marica Micallef
Official: Manuel Azzopardi


  1. Pallavolo says:

    HAha Beach Volley… qas league ma hawn…. u l-players maghzula….. fejn hu Ron Stivala wiehed mil-iktar li jilghab beach volley u angelo u mark l-ghawdxin. MALTA VOLLEYBALL MOTTO Hokkli dari ha nhokklok tieghek jew ILAQ U SSIEFER, hobb il-loghba u pproponi affarijiet u jeliminawk il-barra. Affarijiet li jaf bihom kulhadd u hadd ma jaghmel xejn


    ex volley player Reply:

    Taf xinsew jghidu ukoll, li dawn listess nies labu fil beach volley CEV European Continental Beach Volleyball Cup u liscore kien dan:

    Heyer-Heuscher v Balzan-Vella 2-0 (21-5, 21-6)
    Laciga M.-Bellaguarda v Cachia-Spiteri 2-0 (21-2, 21-6)
    Heyer-Heuscher v Cachia-Spiteri 2-0 (21-5, 21-6)
    Miedzybrodzki-Lord v Balzan-Vella 2-0 (21-5, 21-11)
    Gooding-Gregory v Balzan-Vella 2-0 (21-15, 21-11)
    Miedzybrodzki-Lord v Cachia-Spiteri 2-0 (21-4, 21-11)

    u dawn ukoll qedin fin nazzjonal…immagina x livel tajjeb andom!!!


  2. C.Fenech says:

    Mhux hekk ! Inti tghinni u jiena nghinnek

    … Issa inhalaq precedent ghax ghall-edizzjoni li jmiss ta dawn il-loghob KULL assocjazzjoni ghandha dritt tapplika. Hawn Malta qatt ma nitghallmu kif naghmlu l-affarijiet bil fair


  3. Swim Up says:

    Dear MOC

    can I have the opportunity of my friends the beach volley players because my sport is swimming and it is also part of Small Nations? We need help too so that we can improve.

    Thank you


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