MEDE Centre for Physical Education’s Online Sportsfest

Sunday, May 10, 2020, 11:23

Heads of School are kindly asked to bring this information to the attention of all students. Bearing in mind that the current third scholastic term is traditionally associated with many sporting events organised in schools including Sports Days, Sportsfests and Athletic Meetings amongst others, the MEDE Centre for Physical Education and Sport has teamed up with SportMalta in organising a first ever Online Sportsfest.

The event will be split in three age categories, namely:

Primary (Years 5-6), Middle (Years 7-8) and Secondary (Years 9-11).

Students will be invited to follow the MEDE Online Sportsfest facebook page daily (children under the age of 13 are asked to do so under the guidance of their parents/guardians) to check out on the day’s set challenge. This will be posted at 8am. Students will have until 6pm to send the video clip of themselves performing the prescribed challenge.

The latter will cover a wide range of personal physical skills. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three boys and top three girls in every category as well as points allocated to the school they represent.

For this reason, only video clips featuring students wearing their school’s PE shirt will be accepted. At the end of the five day challenge the winning school per category will be announced.

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