Maurice Formosa triumphs at San Martin

Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 11:14

Maurice  Formosa of the Cyclist Cycling Club was the outright winner of the first round of the 202  Jewellery road race national champion after an impressive solo breakaway last Sunday.  It was a very hotly contested event at San Martin circuit where all the best local riders lined up for the first  national  championship event. The race which featured the San Martin hill seven times saw some excellent racing with the national championship title at stake. Five riders broke free from the main peloton after a couple of laps namely defending  champion Etienne Bonello together with team mate Christopher Gatt, David Galea and Maurice Formosa of the Cyclist Cycling Club and Christian  Formosa of Melita Discus.

These five contenders raced each other on San Martin hill however it was a smarter Maurice Formosa who launched an unexpected attack in a relatively easy part of the circuit which left the others unable to respond  effectively.Formosa dug deep into his energy reserved riding two laps and a half in solo to keep his immediate chasers at bay. He crossed the line in 1:44:44 . Back into the race it was a four men deal for the remaining  podium posts  with Bonello edging Christian Formosa for second place. The second round of the 202 Jewellery Road Race National championship will take place this Sunday at San Paul’s by pass.  The followng week the Cycling National team will travel to Crete to take part in the UCI World Cycling Tour race in view of  qualifying to the final round which will be held in South Africa later on in summer. This trip was made  possible through funds allocated to the Malta Cycling Federation by the MOC in preparation for the GSSE in Luxemburg next year. The National  Team will consist of Etienne Bonello, Christopher Gatt, Steve Sciberras, David Galea, Maurice Fomorsa and Christian Formosa.

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