Matthew Guillaumier 1998 youth selected for Empoli FC

Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 9:41

Matthew Guillaumier, today know by his nickname Gulli, is a National squad player both with the 1997
and Captain of the 1998 team, and a Luxol all timer who has has been selected to form part of Empoli
FC. Massimiliano Cappellini, head of the Settore Giovanile at Empoli FC, made it possible for Gulli to
fulfill his dream as Gulli will now form part of the Empoli FC squad.

Gulli has been playing with Luxol youth academy since he was 5 years of age, and in fact his first Best
Player Award was given to him at the tender age of 6. This was one of the many awards awarded yearly
by the Luxol Coaches.

Luxol also believed in Gulli’s, Captain of the U15 team, potential to the extent that, aged only 15 years
and 17 days , he made his 1st Division debut against Gudja on the 26th April 2013, playing in the same
team as his uncle, Joseph Farrugia.
Gulli’s International level playing skills paid off in the last overseas international match against Wales,
when as part of the 1997 squad he scored Malta’s first goal in the away game. Malta went on to beat
Wales 3-2.

The Serie B club, Empoli FC, which needs no introduction, hosts one of the best youth academies in Italy,
boasting five in house football training pitches, gym and a professional selection of international football
coaches each of whom train the four hundred enthusiastic young players from the Tuscany region.
Gulli’s past and regular training experiences with Empoli FC over the last year, have brought him closer
to the Empoli FC youth squad. Gulli has also been on trials with Birmingham FC and West Bromwich
Albion. Chievo FC and Siena FC also showed great interest in wanting him to form part of their squard,
however Gulli has chosen Empoli FC to be his new home.
All of this could not have been possible without Gulli’s dedication, hard work, knowledge and passion
for the game. Gulli will forever be thankful to Luxol youth academy wherein he was trained by the
most passionate and dedicated coaches. Special thanks goes to Paul Falzon who always supported
Gulli’s talent. Thanks also goes to the coaches and staff of the National Team, particularly Sergio Soldano
who always believed in Gulli. He is indebted to his family, team mates, friends and coaches who have
provided him with the support needed in making his dream a reality and for always believing in his

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