Master Mercieca to assist Thai Boxing champion in Belgium

Thursday, January 10, 2013, 9:36

by Reuben Azzopardi.
The 2013 sporting year for Ying Yang Kickboxing will begin in February, as Master Noel Mercieca will assist a Thai Boxing champion in his next match.

The renowned Thai Boxer Osman Yigin will return in the Thai Boxing scene and Master Mercieca will assist him in the preparations the night of the match. Osman will compete with Cristian Lucia from Italy engaging in a 3×3 match with Thai Boxing rules. Master Mercieca’s task will be to assist Osman in the changing room. This involves making the bandages for the gloves, massages and warming up exercises to prepare the athlete. The most important role for Master Mercieca will be that of the Corner Man and direct Osman during the match.

Osman Yigin is a Thai Boxing athlete who is known internationally and has numerous titles as well as in Kickboxing and K1. In his club in Belgium he has athletes that also won titles on professional level in these sports. Osman has 198 matches and is considered a hero in his home town Charleroi. Osman has not entered the ring to compete since 2002 but still kept on training. This fight is expected to be a great one and Osman will show that he is still the King of the Ring.

Master Mercieca, the founder of the Ying Yang Kickboxing, met with Osman in 2007 when Malta took part in a competition of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN). The club has since been affiliated to this association and repeatedly represented Malta at international level. Master Mercieca has been teaching Kickboxing for 15 years and has a Black Belt 5th Dan in Kickboxing and one in Tang Soo Do and a Brown Belt in Spirit Combat. He is a member of the Armed Forces of Malta and has the position of “Physical Training Instructor”.

Master Mercieca maintained contact with Osman for these years both to learn training techniques at professional level and for Maltese athletes to take part in WKN competitions. In 2011 a group of Maltese kickboxers went to Belgium to train with Osman and on the other hand the Belgian has already been in Malta twice to give lessons in Thai Boxing.


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