Marsaxlokk FC ambassadors for Inspire

Friday, March 4, 2011, 20:33

Players of Marsaxlokk Football Club shall be sporting two new logos on their sleeve, the bright colours of the Inspire logo and the brand new logo of Inspire Fitness Centre. Through an agreement, Inspire and Marsaxlokk FC shall embark on a joint venture which shall see both parties working together and participating in each other’s activities.

Inclusion, a main component of Inspire’s mission will play a part in this agreement with Inspire’s adult clients having the opportunity to take part in training sessions and even join the team at the start of football matches. Marsaxlokk FC will also have the opportunity of participating in Inspire’s several fundraising events making this nursery see upclose what Inspire does and how they may help us.

Nathan Farrugia (left) Inspire CEO with Marsaxlokk President Robert Farrugia and Julio Alcorse

Nathan Farrugia (left) Inspire CEO with Marsaxlokk President Robert Farrugia and Julio Alcorse

Football in Malta is the most popular sport and Marsaxlokk being a top Premier Club will enable high visibility and awareness of Inspire’s programmes and services. Marsaxlokk FC believes the importance of working as a team on and off the field of play and this partnership with Inspire presents the occasion for the club to demonstrate this to communities in a practical way.

Robert Farrugia, President of Marsaxlokk FC adds, “with the help of our club members, supporters, players, officials and coaches, we can surely support people with special needs in giving them the opportunity to transform their lives by gaining the skills and confidence needed to play a more active part in society. Our partnership with Inspire is a fantastic opportunity to help transform the lives for a generation of people especially young people with special needs. We are also excited about the opportunity to integrate our club’s players as partners with Inspire in cohesive effort to enhance fundraising efforts and facilitating personal and business development”

Nathan Farrugia, CEO, Inspire agrees and adds, ‘Inspire is pleased to work closely with organisations like Marsaxlokk FC in a way that promotes the mission and ideologies of organisation. As an organisation that promotes inclusion we see recreation and sports as platforms through which persons with disability can participate more actively in an inclusive setting. The fact that Marsaxlokk FC is partnering with us strengthens the community of which we all form part of. We encourage other such organisation to pursue an inclusive philosophy in all their activities.’

Inspire, the Foundation for Inclusion, is the creation of two leading NGOs working in the disability sector in Malta and Gozo. The Eden Foundation and the Razzett tal-Hbiberija have joined forces to help over 1000 children and adults with learning and physical disabilities across their 5 centres in Malta and Gozo.

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