Maroons snatch injury time winner

Thursday, April 14, 2011, 19:09
by Victor Ciangura courtesy of The Malta Independent
APS Bank Under 15 Section B
Gzira Utd   3       Zejtun    2  
These two teams occupy the bottom rungs of the standings but the crowd present at Zebbug Ground was regaled with a fast and action-packed game. Zejtun are third from bottom on 17 points from 19 games while Gzira are second from bottom on 13 points from 20 games.
Gzira opened the score after only three minutes when they won a free kick in midfield. Jake Cassar floated a high ball in the area and Salvatore Grixti scored with a low shot past Zejtun keeper Miguel Mercieca.
In the 10th minute Gzira were awarded a penalty when Lydin Camilleri served Daniel Galea with a through ball in the area and as Mercieca came out of his charge he tripped Galea. The penalty was taken by the same player and Miguel Mercieca saved the spot kick.
In the 16th minute Gzira doubled the score when Josef Galea was fouled in midfield, Jean P Vella floated a perfect high ball in the area from the free kick and Richard Aquilina netted with a hard grounder.
Zejtun reacted very strongly and mounted two actions in a row. Jamie Mifsud served Luca Desira in the area and after Gzira keeper Luke Mercieca partly saved his shot the ball was cleared by a defender and Mifsud was fouled outside the area and Eman Camilleri missed the bar by inches from a well-taken free kick shot.
In the 28th minute Zejtun narrowed the gap when Gianluca Dimech dribbled past an opponent in midfield and gave Mercieca no chance with a hard rising shot in the top left hand corner from 50 metres.
Neil Tabone was then fouled on the left flank and Luke Mercieca saved the hard free kick shot by Dimech.
Just before the half time whistle Zejtun equalised. Luca Desira was fouled on the right flank, Miguel Mercieca partly saved the free kick shot by Eman Camilleri and as the ball came in the path of Mifsud outside the area he served Neil Tabone in the area who was tripped. Yanes Bonnett took charge of the penalty kick and after Luke Mercieca partly saved his shot the same player scored from the rebound.
The first three actions after the resumption were created by Zejtun. Neil Tabone dribbled past three opponents outside the area and Luke Mercieca saved his shot with a diving save. Eman Camilleri was then fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick shot by Luca Desira and Cliven Farrugia served  Dimech on the left flank who after entering the area drove slightly off target.
In a Gzira rare attack, Jean P Vella had a run down the left flank and after entering the area he missed the far post with his shot. 
In the 65th minute Zejtun were denied by the wood work. Bonnett was fouled on the left flank and after the ball was partly cleared from the free kick by Camilleri it came in the path of substitute Clint Buttigieg and the ball hit the base of the upright and was cleared by a defender.
Zejtun kept trying and Bonnett served Dimech in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner which was taken by Tabone and substitute George Cutajar headed slightly over the bar. 
In the 5th minte of added time Gzira scored a dramtic winner when Lydon Barbara served Tabone with a cross from the right and he scored with a hard rising shot from 35 metres.
Referee: Dorian Caruana                                  
Player of the match: Yanes Bonnett (Zejtun)  

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