Mark Spiteri won Gold in the Masters at the European Seniors Cup

Sunday, February 2, 2020, 13:43

Spiteri had to play all 5 stages of the Masters after finishing in 13th place overall from 96 players in all events. Spiteri first defeated Iceland’s Freyr Bragason 2-0, then beating Peter Knopp from Germany and then went on to beat Italian Marco Reviglio 2-1. He then faced Andy Gillespie from Scotland in the semifinal 2-1 to face home favourite , Austria’s Panzerboeck.

Spiteri played a superb 241 and 257 to completely dominate his opponent, and thus winning Gold in the prestigious Masters event that closes the European Seniors Championship.

Worth noting that Spiteri had also won Bronze at the World Seniors in the US in 2019.

These European Senior Championships were a big success for Maltese bowling, as in addition to Spiteri’s Gold in the Masters, Sue Abela won Gold in the All events best senior bowling athlete, as well as silver in the Ladies singles.

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