Mark Spiteri: First Maltese Coach to Attain Top Level ETBF Credentials

Monday, October 26, 2015, 17:44

Gavin Muscat

Mark Spiteri is an avid tenpin bowler, and one of Malta’s top athletes in his chosen sporting discipline.  He features regularly in local sports media for his ever-growing list of bowling achievements, be it as part of his team Ramis, who are one of the contenders to win the current MSV Life League Div I, or for numerous individual performances, such as his recent victory in the 6th MTBA National Senior Championships.  He is also known for his various team and individual successes in the international bowling arena. Mark’s bowling feats have in fact also brought him well earned recognition in recent editions of the National Sports Awards, and he is also a long-serving member on the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association’s Board of Directors.

As if all that was not enough, and apart from the fact that Spiteri also maintains a full time career in the communications sector, he is also a committed and very busy certified MTBA coach, who spends almost all of his free time imparting his knowledge to, and guiding an array of fellow tenpin bowlers to all levels of ability. From humble coaching beginnings back on 2008, Mark is now coach and mentor to around 100 bowlers, ranging from over 30 children enrolled in the current SkolaSport program, to the Special Olympics Malta squad, the MTBA Intermediate squad as well as a keen and growing group of youth and junior bowlers, in fact in early 2014, Mark was officially appointed as the MTBA Youth Coach.

Spiteri has undertaken a long list of internationally recognised coaching courses in order to further his career, including Level I and Level II certificates from the Semmelweis University of Budapest in collaboration with the MOC, USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Level I certification, as well as Levels I and II in the ETBF (European Tenpin Bowling Federation) coaching structure, which were achieved consecutively in 2011.

Early in 2015, Mark then took the decision to take his coaching career to the next level, and so applied to become an ETBF Level III certified coach. ETBF Level III is their highest attainable level of certification, and enables those successful to oversee national coaching programmes, or indeed carry out coaching on a professional basis. ETBF Level III programmes are held every two years, and the 2015 clinic which Spiteri attended was held at the Sport University of Kuortane (Finland), between the 21st and 26th of September, preceded by the highly informative iCoach Conference over the two days prior to that.

The ETBF Level III programme comprised a gruelling 45 hour course held over the six day period, with additional related activities over and above that, and on its conclusion, Spiteri was duly presented with his certificate in the Kuortane University’s own 6-lane bowling centre.

Mark Spiteri was the first Maltese coach to ever attend the iCoach Conference, and is also the only Maltese to have achieved ETBF Level III standard. This has come, not only through great personal sacrifice from Spiteri and also his wife, Liliana who is also an active youth coach and mentor, but also at a considerable cost, as Mark sought no financial assistance in his endeavours, choosing to personally fund the trip to Finland, including all related course fees himself.

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