Mark Gauci and Derek Conti proove themselves key players for the Greek team

Friday, January 14, 2011, 17:07

by Silvio Catania

Team’s knock out goes to Atlas TFC

In the last days, the Maltese National team captain Mark Gauci and his team mate in the Maltese squad and at Atlas TFC (Greece) celebrated the winning of the Team’s Knock Out in Greece and thus making the fourth final in four competitions, winning the third major competition.

Following the success of the Europa League in October, held in Rome, the Greek team aimed high during the Grand Prix last November but they only managed to reach the final of the competition. But it was a total different story during the last competition, when the team of Atlas for which both Gauci and Conti signed this season managed to acquire the Greek Cup.

In the first round the team of Atlas had to face Olympia. A tight match where the Maltese players were among the best in the 2-1 wins to settle for the quarter finals, where they had to face the second team from Atlas.  The result in the latter was a convincing 3-0 for team A of Atlas.

The semifinals seemed to be a big challenge on paper, where eternal rivals Falcons for whom Joseph Borg Bonaci is registered but was absent for the competition, were drawn against the team of Atlas TFC. The result here was again convincing with a 3-1 win for the Maltese players side.

In the final, the team of Lazaros Papakostantinou, had to face the team of Roligans. The result once again convincing, crowned the team with Gauci and Derek as the Champions of the Greek cup.

All the games were hosted in the new premises of the Greek Federation set in Athens.

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