Manny Muscat close to scoring For Wellington Phoenix

Monday, March 8, 2010, 0:24
Manny in a training session with Wellington Phoenix

Manny Muscat in a training session with Wellington Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix are just one match away for their FIRST ever Grand A-Legue Final. They will now face the loser of the Sydney FC-MelbourneVictory Major Semi Final on March 13, in a one-off match to decide who will appear in the competition’s Final 7 days later.

Manny Muscat had a chance at goal a yellow card and good performance overall. Phoenix came back from a Jets opening goal which was scored after twenty minutes. The New Zealand team scored through Tim Brown, Paul Ifill and Eugene Dadi.

Manny Muscat chance at goal is at 00:32

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  1. dumpy says:

    jien ma naqbilx li dan manny jiehu post bhal alex muscat, trevor cilia pawlu fenech u ohrjan. alija manny mux ta’ livell ta nazzjonal – dumpy


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