Mandi Sciortino Women Player of the Month for January

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 11:28

by Colin Schembri.

 The You Shop We Ship Women player of the month for the month of January was won by Luxol’s captain Mandi Sciortino. For Sciortino this is the third time in her career that she won this honor. In January Luxol started the MSV Life League in a positive way and also played in the Louis Borg Cup final. Sciortino contributed to these results by scoring 61 points ending as the women’s third best top scorer for the month of January. She also had three three pointers. Mandi Sciortino features an average of 3.35 steals per game and she’s in the thirds place for top steals for the season. She also has an average of 6.76 rebounds and 2.35 assists per game. She was presented this award by Mr. Martin Ferry on behalf of You Shop We Ship.

Martin Ferry presenting the award to Mandi Sciortino

Martin Ferry presenting the award to Mandi Sciortino

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